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"On this day I invite you to bask in the beauty of the horse with me. Drink in the wonder and excitement that the horse will offer and lay down the troubles that follow you. If you will be true to your authentic self, you will open your heart and mind to something you have never felt before. The horse is more than an animal of burden or a vehicle of sport. The horse is a sentinent being with a heart of passion and a spirit of joy. Close your eyes, grab some mane, and let the horse carry you to that place you dreamed of as a child...that place where no pain or fear can survive...that place where only pure trust and selfless love reigns. Feel the wind in your face and the weight of worry melt away as you are drawn into this new reality. You will never regret it."

The author, Vickey M. Hollingsworth, provides barefoot hoof trimming, farrier and rehabilitation services in the State of Wisconsin. High Performance Hoof Care, LLC is based out of Clintonville and serves the entire state, specializing in lameness, as well as behavioral issues and fear. If you have a horse that other farriers or trimmers have been unsuccessful with, you have come to the right place.

High Performance Hoof Care, LLC provides service second to none and you are guaranteed of satisfaction and a positive experience. Call today for a consultation! 920-419-7447